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waitingnwishing's Journal

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gli occhi di angelo
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I just started this community so bear with me .. there's really no specific reason for me starting this community other than the fact that I couldn't find a community that appealed to me .. more or less, I guess I want(ed) a place for people to share things they wrote (poetry, short stories, parts of novels, whatever) .. we all like to read others' stuff and we can all use some objective criticism once in a while .. not only that, I guess I want(ed) a place where someone can grow (isn't that the point of a community anyway?) .. where we could exchange books/movie reviews, advice on everything from cooking to migraines, and whatever crosses your mind that you feel like sharing at the moment or want to ask about .. so I guess that's about it .. so join my community!

By the way, "gli occhi di angelo" means "angel eyes." I just happened to like it.

And another by the way - the current user picture (subject to change at anyone's request) is Grace Kelly .. she's awesome =)

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