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...Two for today, critics are welcome...

Wandering, somewhat aimless
Struggling to stay blameless
Through the beaten paths
Thorns trying to show their wrath
Against all who wander on
All trying to stay strong
Never stopping
Always watching
Eyes wide open as can be
Dodging thorns to stay free
To weak to run
Exhaustion from the sun
Threatens to slow the pace
Fear of being stranded in this place
Pushes on
Those trying to stay strong.
Never stopping
Always watching
For thorns waiting for the fall
Of man, of them all.
One by one they all go down
Preyed upon and soon to drown
In this bitterest of casualties
In this fight it is harder to get free.


About to try something new, so new.
Not sure this is something I should do
but it seems a little better every time I look at you
So don’t turn away, stare into my eyes
If you glance away I just might run away to hide
And never turn back to hear your sweet goodbye
Now I don’t know what I’m doing here
But as long as I know you’re near
All of my doubt and all of my fears
Will be blown away
Faster than my rocket ship to the moon
Let me know this will all be over soon
And we can return to the safety of my room
Holding tight and fading fast
What is gone and what will last?
Left expectations to the past
Made room for all things new
Made room for you.
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